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Posted 2 years ago

Ranger Lemon Squash and Monhan Caramel Corn

Here is the final installment of things that I really shouldn’t have spent so much money on at my local Japanese grocery store! To go along with the previously posted Kamen Rider cans, these are the slightly less (but still) cool 5 Ranger Lemon Squash cans. Of course in true 5 Ranger (or Power Ranger if you prefer) tradition, they came in all of the typical Ranger colors of the rainbow, as well as a mix between all of them. Since I’m not nearly as big of a Ranger fan as I am of Kamen Rider, I opted to only pick up the Pink and Red cans.

Similar to the Kamen Rider cans, they also contain factoids and even a bit of trivia on the back.

Perhaps more important, but ultimately more disappointing than this is…

Monster Hunter caramel corn! Being a huge fan of both Monster Hunter and caramel corn, I thought that this was a win/win situation! So immediately after these photos were taken, I decided to open up the package and give it a try. My first reaction was that this was not in fact caramel corn (popcorn covered in caramel), but rather corn snacks that were vaguely flavored like caramel.

Oh well, they could still be good! So I decided to give them a try.

Needless to say at this point, they had not met my expectations. However they were not the worst Japanese snack that I had ever eaten by far. So the verdict: so-so.

A warning to all: be very careful when purchasing Japanese snack food!